The 7th Pacific Rim Conference on Rheology June 10 (Sun) - 15 (Fri), 2018
Phoenix Jeju, Jeju, Korea
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Program Timetable (Whole)
*Updated on June 4, 2018
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Plenary Lecture 03 / Room: Island Ballroom A+B
Chair: Yuichi MASUBUCHI (Nagoya University, Japan)
9:00-10:00 [PL3] Recent Progress of Rheo-Optical Studies on Polymeric Systems

Tadashi INOUE* (Osaka University, Japan) 

Plenary Lecture 04 / Room: Island Ballroom A+B
Chair: Gerald G. FULLER (Stanford University, USA)
10:00-11:00 [PL4] Connecting Rheology to the Nanoscale Structure of Block Copolymer Solution based Nanocomposites 

Lynn M. WALKER* (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)  

The 2nd Walters Prize Winner - Keynote Talk / Room: Island Ballroom A+B
Chair: Ian FRIGAARD (University of British Columbia, Canada)
11:00-11:30 [KLWP-01] Modeling Interfaces and Particles in Viscoelastic Fluids  

Nick JAENSSON1,2*, Martien HULSEN1 , Patrick ANDERSON1 (1Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2ETH Zürich, Switzerland)   

G3. Polymer Solutions & Melts / Room: Island Ballroom A
Chair: Kyu HYUN (Pusan National University, Korea) / Takashi UNEYAMA (Kanazawa University, Japan)
13:00-13:30 [KLG3-02] A Novel Low-field RheoNMR Combination for the Study of Soft Materials 

Volker RAENTZSCH, Mürüvvet B. OZEN, Karl-Friedrich RATZSCH, Gisela GUTHAUSEN, Manfred WILHELM* (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany)   

13:30-13:50 [ORG3-09] Viscoelasticity and Glass Transition Temperatures of Series of Model Poly(alkylstyrene)s  

Satoru MATSUSHIMA1, Atsushi TAKANO1*, Yuya DOI1, Yoshiaki TAKAHASHI2, Yushu MATSUSHITA1 (1Nagoya University, 2Kyushu University, Japan)  

13:50-14:10 [ORG3-10] Viscoelastic Relaxation of Transient Networks in Polymeric Matrix    

Takuya KATASHIMA1, Takamitsu CHIBA2, Yu KASHIWAGI1, Miyu OHNISHI1, Takamasa SAKAI3, Tadashi INOUE1* (1Osaka University, 2SEKISUI CHEMICAL Co., 3The University of Tokyo, Japan)      

14:10-14:30 [ORG3-11] Entanglements in Binary Polymer Blends: Insights from Molecular Simulations  

Sathish K. SUKUMARAN*, Jun-ichi TAKIMOTO (Yamagata University, Japan)    

14:30-14:50 [ORG3-12] Understanding the Role of Localization and Distribution of Different Types of Nanoclays on the Microstructure of Compatibilized PLA/PBS Blends with Nonlinear Rheological Analysis  

Reza SALEHIYAN1, Suprakas SINHA RAY1,2* (1Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, 2University of Johannesburg, South Africa)   

G6. Suspensions, Colloids, and Glasses / Room: Island Ballroom B
Chair: Ruri HIDEMA (Kobe University, Japan) / Sarah HORMOZI (Ohio University, USA)
13:00-13:30 [KLG6-02] Wall-bounded Flow of Colloidal Suspensions 

Shaghayegh KHANI1, Arman BOROMAND2, Joao MAIA1* (1Case Western Reserve University, 2Yale University, USA)   

13:30-13:50 [ORG6-10] Macroscopic Flows of Dense Suspensions in Wide-gap Couette Cells -Migration and Shear Thickening  

Ryohei SETO1*, Giulio G. GIUSTERI2, Jeffrey F. MORRIS3, Morton M. DENN3 (1Kyoto University, Japan, 2Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy, 3City College of New York, USA)    

13:50-14:10 [ORG6-11] Flow Analysis of Polyelectrolyte Suspensions in Microchannels with Polymer Brush Layer 

Byoungjin CHUN1,2, Myung-Suk CHUN1*, Kyu YOON2, Hyun Wook JUNG2 (1Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), 2Korea University, Korea)  

14:10-14:30 [ORG6-12] Micro-Gap Flow Evaluation of Electro-Rheological Nano-Suspension  

Katsufumi TANAKA1*, Arata ICHIKAWA1, Midori TAKASAKI1, Haruki KOBAYASHI1, Masami NAKANO2, Atsushi TOTSUKA2 (1Kyoto Institute of Technology, 2Tohoku University, Japan)   

14:30-14:50 [ORG6-13] The Effect of the Geometry of Kneading Disk on the Unsteady Dispersion of Fine Particles in a Two Dimensional Cylinder with An Elliptic Rotor 

Koji MASUDA1*, Ruri HIDEMA2, Hiroshi SUZUKI2, Yoshiyuki KOMODA3 (1Kobe City College of Technology, 2Kobe University, Japan)  

S3. Honorary Session for Prof. Seung Jong LEE / Room: Island Ballroom C
Chair: Kyung Hyun AHN (Seoul National University, Korea)
13:00-13:30 [KLS3-01] Recent Developments in Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability in the Film Blowing Processes of Various Polyethylenes 

Joo Sung LEE1, Hyun Wook JUNG2, Jae Chun HYUN2* (1LG Chem, 2Korea University, Korea)  

13:30-14:00 [KLS3-02] Rheology and Adhesion of Human Cell Monolayers 

Gerald G. FULLER* (Stanford University, USA)   

14:00-14:30 [KLS3-03] Use of Dielectric Method in Rheological Investigation of Softmatters 

Hiroshi WATANABE* (Kyoto University, Japan) 

14:30-15:00 “It is a great regret to inform you of the unexpected death of Prof. M. F. Webster in mid-May. We respectfully express our sincere condolences.”
[KLS3-04] Boger Fluids, Pressuredrops and Contraction Flows - Some Recent Advances in Rheological Predict

M. F. WEBSTER* (Swansea University, UK)         

G4. Computational Rheology / Room: Stone A+B
Chair: Anthony STICKLAND (The University of Melbourne, Australia) / Tae Gon KANG (Korea Aerospace University, Korea)
13:00-13:30 [KLG4-02] Non-linear Dynamics of Macromolecular Solutions in Microfluidics 

Xue-Feng YUAN* (Guangzhou University, China)   

13:30-13:50 [ORG4-05] Numerical Study on the Dynamic of Elliptic Janus Magnetic Particles 

Tae Gon KANG1*, Hei Eun KIM1, Martien HULSEN2, Jaap den TOONDER2 (1Korea Aerospace University, Korea, 2Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)   

13:50-14:10 [ORG4-06] Structural and Rheological Behaviors of Interfacial Polymer under Shear Flow using Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation 

Jun Mo KIM, Sohdam JEONG, Chunggi BAIG* (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea)   

14:10-14:30 [ORG4-07] Resolving Scaling Laws of Polymer Melts in Molecular Simulations   

Ryota MIWATANI1, Kazuaki Z. TAKAHASHI2, Noriyoshi ARAI1* (1Kindai University, 2National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan)     

14:30-14:50 [ORG4-08] A Multiscale Simulation Study for Flows of a Well-entangled Polymer Melt in a Contraction-expansion Channel   

Takeshi SATO, Takashi TANIGUCHI* (Kyoto University, Japan)    

G1. Materials Processing / Room: Wind A
Chair: Prabhakar RANGANATHAN (Monash University, Australia)
13:00-13:30 [KLG1-01] Clinical Analysis of Past Work to New Solid Conveying Theory 

Kun Sup HYUN1*, Myung Ho KIM2, Insu SEOL2, Hyun Sang KIM2 (1Polymer Processing Institute, USA, 2Hannam University, Korea)  

13:30-14:00 [KLG1-02] Analysis of Thin-film Formation Flows for Coating Processes 

Jaewook NAM* (Seoul National University, Korea)   

14:00-14:20 [ORG1-01] Relationship between Replication of Microstructure on Rubber and Rheological Properties 

Chihiro KANEKO, Takashi KUROSE, Akihiko NEMOTO, Hiroshi ITO* (Yamagata University, Japan)   

14:20-14:40 [ORG1-02] Thermal and Viscoelastic Properties of CFRTP with Reactive Process 

Hiroto SUENAGA1, Takashi KUROSE1, Koichi AKAMATSU2, Justin JIN3, Hiroshi ITO1* (1Yamagata University, Japan, 2Ability Gate Co., Ltd, Japan, 3AXIA Materials Co., Ltd, Korea)  

14:40-15:00 [ORG1-03] Cost-effective and Fast Production of PMMA Nanofiber by Centrifugal Spinning and Its Application for Filter 

Byeong Eun KWAK, Hyo Jeong YOO, Do Hyun KIM* (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea)  

S2. Advanced Energy Materials & Processing / Room: Wind B
Chair: Bumjoon KIM (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea) / Biwu MA (FAMU-FSU College of
Engineering, Florida State University, USA)
13:00-13:30 [KLS2-04] Organic Photovoltaic Materials for Next Generation Green Energy Sources 

Han Young WOO* (Korea University, Korea)  

13:30-14:00 [KLS2-05] Morphological Control of Polymeric Films on Liquid Substrates 

Jung-Yong LEE* (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea)   

14:00-14:20 [ORS2-07] Polymorphism Control of Polymer Coated Gold Nanocrystals 

Hongseok YUN* (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea)   

14:20-14:40 [ORS2-08] Metallic Cotton Fiber-based Biofuel Cells with High Power Density 

Cheong Hoon KWON1, Yongmin KO1, Dongyeop SHIN1, Jinho PARK2, Wan Ki BAE3, Seung Woo LEE2*, Jinhan CHO1* (1Korea University, Korea, 2Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, 3Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea)  

G3. Polymer Solutions & Melts / Room: Island Ballroom A
Chair: Manfred WILHELM (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany) / Wei YU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
15:20-15:40 [ORG3-13] Rheological Behavior of Partially Melted High-Density Polyethylene near Melting Point  

Takashi UNEYAMA*, Koh-hei NITTA (Kanazawa University, Japan)   

15:40-16:00 [ORG3-14] Extrusion Foaming with Thermal Expandable Microcapsules Depending on Rheological Property of Base Polymer and Processing Condition    

Shota TAKIGUCHI, Ken MIYATA, Tomonori KODA, Taichi NISHIO, Akihiro NISHIOKA* (Yamagata University, Japan)      

16:00-16:20 [ORG3-15] Baking Property of Pure Rice Batter Depending on Variety of Rice   

Hiroko YANO1, Tomonori KODA1, Ken MIYATA1, Taichi NISHIO1, Naoko FUJITA2, Akihiro NISHIOKA1* (1Yamagata University, 2Akita Prefectural University, Japan)     

16:20-16:40 [ORG3-16] Synergistic Enhancement of Rheological Properties in the Mixtures of Wormlike Surfactant Micelles and Polymer Chains  

Andrey SHIBAEV1*, Anton MAKAROV1, Anna ALESHINA1, Alexander KUKLIN2,3, Anton OREKHOV4, Alexander VASILIEV4, Olga PHILIPPOVA1 (1Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 3Moscow Institue of Physics and Technology, 4National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute", Russia)   

16:40-17:00 [ORG3-17] Influence of Closed-loop Conformation of the Polymer on the Interfacial Molecular Mechanisms under Shear Flow  

Sohdam JEONG, Chunggi BAIG* (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea)    

G2. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics & Microfluidics / Room: Island Ballroom B
Chair: Ruri HIDEMA (Kobe University, Japan) / Heon Sang LEE (Dong-A University, Korea)
15:20-15:40 [ORG2-01] The Consistency between Fluidity Indexes of Waxy Crude Oil: Gel Point, Pour Point and Yield Stress 

Wen Wen LIU*, Meng Yun LV, Jin Jun ZHANG (China University of Petroleum (Beijing), China) 

15:40-16:00 [ORG2-02] Gear-Shaped Micromixer with Inertio-Elastic Flow Instability  

Sun Ok HONG1, Ki-Su PARK2, Dong-Yeong KIM2, Chang-Soo LEE2, Sung Sik LEE3, Ju Min KIM1* (1Ajou University, Korea, 2Chungnam National University, Korea, 3ETH Zürich, Switzerland)   

16:00-16:20 [ORG2-03] Vortex Deformation and Lock-on in a Two-Dimensional Turbulent Flow of Polymer Solutions 

Ruri HIDEMA*, Ryohei YOSHIDA, Yoshiyuki KOMODA, Hiroshi SUZUKI (Kobe University, Japan)  

16:20-16:40 [ORG2-04] Shape Analysis of Oblate Particles Utilizing a Cross-slot Microchannel 

Bookun KIM1, Seong Jae LEE2 and Ju Min KIM1* (1Ajou University, 2The University of Suwon, Korea)   

16:40-17:00 [ORG2-05] Structural Analysis of Aggregate Restruction and Breakage under Uniaxial Elongational Flow 

Seung Hui KIM, Kyung Hyun AHN* (Seoul National University, Korea)   

S3. Honorary Session for Prof. Seung Jong LEE / Room: Island Ballroom C
Chair: Kyung Hyun AHN (Seoul National University, Korea)
15:20-15:50 [KLS3-05] LAOS, Fractional Calculus and Failure of Food Gels     

Gareth H. McKINLEY1*, M. MEERTS2, T. DIVOUX1, B. KESHAVARZ1 (1Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), USA, 2KU Leuven, Belgium)       

15:50-16:20 [KLS3-06] Flow of Particulate Fluids    

Kyung Hyun AHN* (Seoul National University, Korea)    

G7. Surfactants, Emulsions, and Foams / Room: Stone A+B
Chair: Joung Sook HONG (Seoul National University, Korea) / Peter FISCHER (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
15:20-15:50 [KLG7-03] Microstructure, Rheology, and Flow Instability of Wormlike Micellar Solutions under Spatial Confinement and Flow Conditions 

Amy Q. SHEN*, Simon J. HAWARD, Joshua CARDIEL, Ya ZHAO (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)   

15:50-16:20 [KLG7-04] Self-Assembly and Properties of Block Copolymers: Molecular Dynamic Simulations 

Ji Ho RYU, Won Bo LEE* (Seoul National University, Korea)  

16:20-16:40 [ORG7-04] Rheology of Cholesteric Blue Phase I 

Shuji FUJII*, Syunta NOMOTO, Hiroshi ORIHARA (Hokkaido University, Japan)  

G8. Interface & Microrheology / Room: Wind A
Chair: Siyoung CHOI (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea) / Se Gyu JANG (Korea Institute of
Science and Technology (KIST), Korea)
15:20-15:40 [ORG8-01] Effect of Oil Hydrophobicity on Adsorption and Rheology Protein Adsorption Layers at Oil-water Interfaces 

Jotam BERGFREUND, Pascal BERTSCH, Simon KUSTER, Peter FISCHER* (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)  

15:40-16:00 [ORG8-02] Processable High Internal Phase Pickering Emulsions 

Siyoung Q. CHOI*, KyuHan KIM, Subeen KIM (Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea)   

16:00-16:20 [ORG8-03] A Fractal Model for the Viscosity of Waxy Crude Oil 

Mengran SUN*, Jinjun ZHANG (China University of Petroleum-Beijing, China)  

16:20-16:40 [ORG8-04] Effect of Lubricant Viscosity on the Drag Reduction of Submerging Object with Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surface  

Eungjun LEE, Do Hyun KIM* (Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea)    

G9. Experimental Techniques / Room: Wind B
Chair: Yumi MATSUMIYA (Kyoto University, Japan) / Manabu KATO (National Institute of Technology, Japan)
15:20-15:40 [ORG9-01] Development of Observation Technique for Suspension with Flow Focusing  

Manabu KATO1*, Ryou ARII1, Yuuki KONDO2, Tsutomu TAKAHASHI2 (1National Institute of Technology, 2Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan)    

15:40-16:00 [ORG9-02] The Use of Modern Rheometers in Powder and Granular Media Measurements for Scientific and Industrial Purposes 

Denis SCHUETZ*, Timothy ASCHL, Jörg LÄUGER (Anton Paar GmbH, Austria)  

16:00-16:20 [ORG9-03] Hysteresis Loop Test for Complex Fluids with Yield-Like Behavior 

Yasunori SATO, Ippei HOMMA, Yukinobu SUGIHARA, Tsutomu TAKAHASHI* (Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan)  

16:20-16:40 [ORG9-04] Employing Rheological Methods to Study Polymer Long Chain Branching 

Tianhong CHEN*, Gregory KAMYKOWSKI (TA Instruments – Waters LLC, USA)  

16:40-17:00 [ORG9-05] Evaluation of Molecule Orientation on Liquid Surface in Drying Process Using by Anisotropic Reflection 

Shiro WAKAKI, Tsutomu TAKAHASHI* (Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan)  

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